Sport, Safety & Scuba


Tom Barrett Optical offers a variety of prescription and non-prescription sport and safety eyewear to meet your needs. We carry wrap-around glasses and shields for hunting and sport shooting, cycling and running, tennis and racquet sports, baseball and archery. We can manufacture prescription safety glasses for laser surgery, prescription and non-prescription eyewear for pilots, mechanics, welders and many other professions. There are many places around the home wear safety glasses should be worn. Weed-eaters, leaf blowers, spraying pesticides, woodworking and many other power tool applications require eye protection to insure safety.




  • Protection from possible injury.
  • Bring your game and depth perception into focus.
  • Protection from harmful ultraviolet and fatigue inducing infra red light rays.
  • Protection from wind and foreign objects.
  • Enhanced vision for all sport arenas.
  • Light weight impact resistant lenses for comfort and safety.


Can’t see clearly underwater? Not sure if that’s really a dolphin or a shark? Having trouble reading your gauges or computer? Well, you have found the solution to all your underwater visual needs! Tom Barrett Optical can put lenses into virtually any type of diving mask. We use lenses that meet your exact prescription specifications including astigmatism. No matter what your needs, distance, bifocals or just readers, the opticians at Tom Barrett Optical have the expertise to fulfill your diving vision necessities. Each set of prescription lenses is hand crafted to insure the best possible fit for each mask. We also offer prescription and non-prescription swim goggles for swimming in the pool, jet-skiing on the lake or a trip to the beach.



  • See as clearly in the water as out.
  • Bring your watch and computer back into focus.
  • Use any mask, the one that fits you best.
  • Increased confidence in, around and under the water.